Insightful DPI Analytics

Unlock profound insights into wireless telecom networks by tapping into the capabilities of our innovative Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) analytics engine, where cutting-edge technology meets advanced data interpretation.

In the dynamic world of telecom, understanding user behavior and network performance is crucial. Our DPI Analytics engine is designed to harness and process vast amounts of data from various DPI probes. Hosted in the cloud and adaptable to all DPI formats, our engine translates raw data into actionable intelligence, offering a comprehensive suite of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for in-depth analysis.

Features & Capabilities

Vendor Agnostic

Easily integrate data from any DPI vendor, ensuring a seamless and adaptable experience.

Enhanced Data Lookups

Transform URLs into website categories, link cell IDs to precise location data, and much more.

Proprietary Web Session Algorithm

Stay ahead with our unique algorithm, designed to provide more accurate and detailed web session metrics.

Cloud-Based Architecture

Ensure accessibility, scalability, and security with our cloud-hosted platform.

Tailored Data Tables

Processed data is organized and stored ready for immediate access and integration with northbound applications.

Near Real-Time Analytics Engine

Experience swift data processing and obtain fast insights, facilitating quicker decision-making and timely interventions.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

From granular insights into individual sessions to overarching network trends, below is a sample of KPIs that our engine will deliver

User Behavior

Average Visit Duration, Total Page Views, Unique Visitors

Data Usage Metrics

Average Data Volume per Device, Total Data Volume (MB), Bytes Down/Up

Session Details

Total Sessions, Average Sessions per User, Session Duration Metrics

Streaming Specifics

Streaming Session Durations, Total Streaming Sessions, Streaming Data Volumes

Seamless Integration

Our platform ensures smooth data ingestion irrespective of the DPI vendor or file format, ensuring flexibility and future-proofing your investments.

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