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Experience unparalleled website classification powered by one of the industry's most comprehensive URL databases. Used by top telecom operators globally and updated continuously to offer the best in classification.

Inovvo's Premier Website Categorization API: The Future of Web Classification

When it comes to categorizing websites, Inovvo stands at the forefront with its industry-leading Website Categorization API. This service is anchored by one of the most expansive URL databases in the digital realm, making it an essential tool for any online platform.

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Key Highlights

  • Credibility: Trusted by top telecom operators worldwide
  • Constant Updates: Every month, thousands of URLs are integrated into our database.
  • Vast Coverage: With millions of URLs and thousands more added daily, our coverage is unparalleled.
  • Comprehensive Classification: We categorize websites into over 200 categories and sub-categories, giving users a granular view of web content.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Our flexible pricing structure ensures a competitively low cost of ownership.

Feature Overview

Easy Integration

Whether you're using the cloud or incorporating our SDK into your existing infrastructure.


Our SDK is designed for high performance, capable of processing millions of API calls with ease.


The SDK ensures efficient CPU and memory usage on individual machines.


Our system can be expanded across multiple machines, adjusting to your needs.


For those with specific needs, custom website categories can be created.

Human Verified

Website categories are confirmed by our team members, ensuring authenticity and precision.

Use Cases

Mobile Subscriber Analytics

Our categorization API has been seamlessly integrated into the Inovvo Platform. This aids in categorizing clickstream traffic, enriching a wide range of analytics supporting marketing and customer experience initiatives.

DNS Traffic Categorization

Using the Inovvo SDK, internal analytics applications can classify extensive DNS traffic volumes, enhancing delivered analytics.

Primeter Security

Our API plays a crucial role in DNS filtering, safeguarding users by blocking access to harmful websites.

Deployment Options



  • Website categories retrieved via REST API.
  • Experience a lightweight and efficient deployment.
  • Benefit from continuous updates to the API database.

Licensing Model

  • Convenient monthly subscription.
  • Now available on AWS Logo



  • Website categories retrieved via REST API or JAVA SDK.
  • Unclassified domains are sent back to Inovvo for classification.
  • API Database updates are delivered regularly.

Licensing Model

  • Yearly subscription per installed node.

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